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I Broke the Glass That Surrounded Me

Tweet var width = ’300′; var height = ’250′; var pfid = ’71383′; var verticals = ’5|7|10′; var subid = ”; // optional I'm breakin' downGonna start from scratchShake it off like an etch-a-sketchMy lips are saying goodbyeMy eyes are finally dryI'm not the way that I used to beI took the record off repeatIt [...]

Street Style: Christine Centenera

Tweet var width = ’300′; var height = ’250′; var pfid = ’71383′; var verticals = ’5|7|10′; var subid = ”; // optional April 21 2014 Street Style: Christine Centenera Christine Centenera after a show at the Carriageworks in Sydney this spring/summer MBFWA. Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr

The Pirate Queen

TweetBut when you have a dreamAnd you're caught in its gripYou can climb aboard a shipYou can -You can for you're a man! You can reach toward that placeWhere the earth meets the skyFight a battle be brave, be trueIf you can do it, why not I? I'm meant to flySail unrestrainedWhy is man free [...]

Baby It’s Yours

TweetBaby it's yoursAll yoursIf you want it tonightI'll give you the red light specialAll through the nightBaby it's yoursAll yoursIf you want it tonightJust come through my doorTake off my clothesAnd turn on the red light I know that you want me I canSee it in your eyesYou might as well be honest 'cause theBody [...]

Street Style: #STARTTHERIOT Ollie Henderson

Tweet April 13 2014 Street Style: #STARTTHERIOT Ollie Henderson Start the Riot! Aussie model Ollie Henderson’s war cry during this season’s MBFWA. From one hundred limited edition hand made prints of 60 slogans that Ollie and a few helpful friends came up with. The concept was easy, think. Ask questions, open your heart and start [...]

Only Human

TweetBut I'm only humanAnd I bleed when I fall downI'm only humanAnd I crash and I break downYour words in my head, knives in my heartYou build me up and then I fall apart'Cause I'm only human I can turn it onBe a good machineI can hold the weight of worldsIf that's what you needBe [...]

Street Style: Nicole Warne

Tweet April 11 2014 Street Style: Nicole Warne Sydney Fashion Week’s reigning queen Nicole Warne wearing Aussie cult brand Karla Spetic. Enjoy more Sydney Fashion Week looks on the Textstyles Instagram feed! xx Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr

Street Style: Olivia Brown MBFWA

Tweet April 10 2014 Street Style: Olivia Brown MBFWA Neon and sparkles… Olivia Brown outside Alice McCall 10th anniversary show at Sydney fashion week. Check out my coverage for xx Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr

Best Day of My Life

Tweet I had a dream so big and loudI jumped so high I touched the cloudsWo-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh-ohWoah-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh-ohI stretched my hands out to the skyWe danced with monsters through the nightWo-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh-ohOah-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh-oh I'm never gonna look backWoah never gonna give it upNo, please don't wake me now This is gonna be the best day of my lifeMy li-i-i-i-i-ii-ifeOo-o-o-o-o-oThis [...]

Street Style: Fritz

Tweet April 6 2014 Street Style: Fritz Fritz Helder of Azari & iii during Toronto fashion week March 2013. Always love Fritzy xoxo Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr