So another blogger’s challenge has started and I’ve jumped aboard with my short attention span kicking. Gogo has started the 12 Days of Lingerie challenge and it lasts till Valentine’s Day. Me and my Rumor besties wanted to do a pic together so we got all hoochiefied to bring you the first day of the challenge. These chicklets are my fave peeps inworld at the moment so it was a lot of fun to do a pic with them even if I kept going blurry and Kimbra’s eyes were closed for half my shots. Also, we didn’t notice it till it was too late but my hair was in Desi’s neck in the second shot but those are the breaks on SL. Anyways, enjoy the pics and steer clear of pillows or we’ll take advantage of you like we did to Kimbra. Doesn’t she look innocent next to me and the temptress Desi? Lol!

Pillow+Fight 12 Days of Lingerie~Day 1

BadGirls 12 Days of Lingerie~Day 1

My Style Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Sophie in Walnut w/Roots
Skin: Jesylilo (Lilo Glom) Moga in Tan (ZPH!)
Sweater: Sticky Fingers (Michell Tomsen) My Black Knit Cardigan
Lingerie: Sticky Fingers (Michell Tomsen) My Dotted Vday Set (ZPH!)
Socks: Delusions (Whisper Mizin) Holiday Garter Socks in Red
Heels: [PM] (Tya Fallingbridge) Baby T’s in Black
Kisses: Rezipsa Loc (Rezipsa Luckstone) Kisses (Gatcha Love Festival)
Pose: Magnifique (Scarlet Chandrayaan) Pillow Fight!

To see what Desi’s wearing, click here!
To see what Kimbra’s wearing, click here!

P.S. Give them some time to post their pics. I’m usually quicker than them. *Giggles*

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