oc adidas  A Winning Team: Adidas & Opening Ceremony

The logo for Opening Ceremony's Adidas collection.

In the UK, Stella McCartney’s been working with Adidas for years to create the perfect uniforms for Great Britain’s Olympic teams.  Stateside, we’ve finally entered the Olympic fashion game: Adidas is partnering with Opening Ceremony.

Technically, everyone’s favorite boutique has been charged with revamping the collection of Adidas originals.  Between the men’s and women’s collection they’re expected to offer about 100 different products across their stores (New York, LA and Tokyo) as well as within the larger stores that carry OC starting this fall.

Considering the Olympic origins of the name Opening Ceremony, as well as the store’s rotating international focus, it’s a match made in heaven—even if Adidas didn’t realize the connection until signing on the dotted line.

Adidas’ Creative Director told WWD, “Adidas Originals has a long history of working with some of the best artists, brands and designers in their field. What attracted us to Opening Ceremony in the first place was their way of supporting upcoming talent as well as their design philosophy for their in-house collection…Once we delved deeper, we discovered Opening Ceremony’s close ties to the idea of the Olympics, and with London coming up this year, it was just the perfect fit.”

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