eyeko  Adele Approved Mascara Launches Stateside Tomorrow

Photo: Eyeko

It was hard to stop gushing over dinner with Max Leykind in London.  Max, with his wife Nina, helped launch Hard Candy, the candy colored nail polish and makeup that played as much a role in my adolescence as the Spice Girls, Dawson’s Creek and Freddie Prinze Jr. movies.  I still have a Hard Candy ring in my jewelry box (pink, from Date Night) but the Leykinds have moved on to their next big thing: Eyeko. Technically, the couple launched the brand in 1999, but they’ve revamped and shifted their focus on to mascara, a move that’s proved quite successful in the UK.  Tomorrow, their silver tubes hit shelves stateside, inside every single Sephora.

There are two options: Curvy and Skinny, both of which come with very different brushes and a “shield,” basically a baby blue guitar pick-like thing that you place above your lashes to prevent that inevitable smudging on your eyelids.  We asked Nina what makes Eyeko better than its competitors—and why its flown off the shelves at Harvey Nichols—and she said, “From pure bristle brushes to zero-waste squeezy tubes; from conditioning formulas to enhanced application with the Eyeko Shield we wanted to create the next generation of mascaras.”  That means formulas with keratin, shea butter and vitamin-B, all of which work together to prevent flaking while giving you huge lashes.

Apparently, Adele‘s such a big fan of the brand that she skipped fake lashes in favor of multiple coats of Eyeko in her “Someone Like You” video.  And if you don’t remember how full they looked, click through for a reminder.

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