alexa for superga  Alexa Chung is to Europe as the Olsens…

Photo: Superga

Before Steve Madden announced, last September, that the Olsens were appointed co-creative directors of Superga, Alexa Chung was already fulfilling those duties in Europe.  The classic sneaker line had experienced a recent resurgence and asked Chung to work on their fall collection.  She’s back for spring, starring in the above campaign (which, according to the Telegraph, she also styled) and pumping out easy designs that are pretty much guaranteed to take up what little room the fashion pack devotes to sneakers in its wardrobe.

Meanwhile, the Olsens are set to debut their first collection this spring.  And if they’re to the States what Chung is to Europe, can we expect to see them posing in front of the camera, too?

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