133912489 Alexander Wang Hit with $50 Million Lawsuit

Photo: Wireimage

Alexander Wang has been served a $50 million labor lawsuit, the New York Post reports. Fifty-six-year-old Wenyu Lu claims that he passed out while at work for Wang, after being forced to work 25 hours without a break. Lu was subsequently hospitalized for days afterward, he says.

Lu also alleges that he was warned he would be fired if he didn’t follow orders—he was told to “knit and perfect” a pair of leather trousers in four hours, a job he says normally takes 12 hours. Lu was ultimately fired on February 16 after complaining about working conditions and applying for worker’s compensation, he says.

Lu’s lawyer told the New York Daily News he hopes to sign up other Wang workers in a class-action lawsuit against the company. Thirty workers claim they were forced to work 16 hours a day or longer without overtime in a suffocating, windowless, 200 square foot room. As result, the suit filed says, they have suffered injuries, illnesses, lost time from work and lost sleep.

Wang’s reps told the Post they had no comment because they had yet to be served with the lawsuit.

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