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Arthur Mendonça

This is the silhouette I dream of every day. I tell myself that I’m going to get a tailor to fit all my clothes, to build from scratch my ideal silhouettes and then I’d be fabulous.

Over the summer I was cooped up in period costume warehouse photographing true vintage garments, piece-by-piece. It was a labour of love and I feel madly deeply for the 40s. The angular silhouettes. The nipped in waists, the powerhouse shoulders and the buttons! Oh the buttons in bone, metal, covered in fabric, they were bonkers! Then I realized that the wide leg trousers that I love from the 70s were from the 40s. Fashion does nothing but recycle. And I fell even harder.

On a day when all I can think about is, “Am I wearing enough layers?” I want to dream about a latitude that would allow me to wear a silk blend blazer, finely cut to me, with strong shoulders, an itty bitty waist and trousers, flared with the sweetest little peep toe spectator heel. Oh, and I’d be wearing a hat, wide brimmed, and hopefully big enough for my cranium, while I sipped cocktails at an outdoor café, in Rome.

Photo from Arthur Mendonça F/W runway collection.

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