So those of you nearest and dearest to my heart, you know I’ve been decorating my sky platform for the last week or so. Yes, a week! What can I say? I’m distracted easily. Anyways, it’s finally done and I wanna show it off to the rest of you all using a collage like I saw on Harlow Heslop’s blog.

I’ve never had a place that I could personalize myself before this year so I’ve been taking advantage of it but this time, I got to decorate for my favorite season of all so I’m super duper happy!! I love the rich autumn colors combined with a light beige tone as you’ll see in my pics. Once I saw this awesome lodge by Zacca, I just started to furnish around it. This house comes complete with two things that made it a must by in my opinion. They are: a huge window seat with built in poses and a little loft area perfect for lounging around.

I’ve come to realize that I could easily buy out the stores, What Next and Lisp Bazaar, but I also found some cuteness from a few other not as known designers so please check out the credits to find out some info on all these goodies.

My+House Autumn Comes to My House

Oh, did I mention that a lot of this stuff is heavily discounted? If you are on a budget, be sure to check Marketplace because there are tons of awesome cheapies on there especially for the autumn season.

P.S. How long do you think it’ll take before my land owner realizes I’m umm slightly over my allotted prims? *Giggles* 

To see where my house came from, keep reading!

Style Card


House: [Zacca] (Cross Jupiter) Lodge in Small
Grass: Capo (Capo Freenote) Autumn Grass
Trees: *Thus Magic* (Thus Yootz_ Japenese Maple tree in Autumn
Pumpkins: {what next} (Winter Thorn) Fall Planters
Bench: Nani Poses (Cherry Appletor) Cozy Fall (The Forgotten Closet!)

Living Room

Sofa: {what next} (Winter Thorn) Laurel Sofa
Fireplace & Accessories: Lisp Bazaar (Pandora Popstar) Medium Fireplace
Rug: Lisp Bazaar (Pandora Popstar) Woodcutter Rug
Mirror & Autumn Decor: Lisp Bazaar (Pandora Popstar) Autumn Festival in a Box
Table: [Zacca] (Cross Jupiter) Workplace Table Gift (Freebie!)
Coat Rack: ~SC~ (Lamia Datura) Molly Coat Rack (New!)


Bed and Frames: {what next} (Winter Thorn) Laurel Bed
Nightstands: {what next} (Winter Thorn) Laurel Bedside Table
Rug: {what next} (Winter Thorn) Boathouse Cottage Rug
Flowers: Lisp Bazaar (Pandora Popstar) Lullaby Flower Arrangement
Bear: ‘Monger (Fame Torok) Bean Bear in Coffee
Candles: [JB] (Jessi Bunjie) Autumn Decor
Lights: Lisp Bazaar (Pandora Popstar) Fairy Lanterns in Natural
Divider: Zigana (Nalena Fairey) Folding Screen (Moded) (Freebie!)


Pillows: {what next} (Winter Thorn) Charlotte Floor Cushions (Past Lazy Sunday)
Rug: Lisp Bazaar (Pandora Popstar) Restoration Rug
Radio: ~SC~ (Lamia Datura) Margaret Vintage Radio in Classic (Configureable)

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