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Back-To-School: 69 Vintage

Back-To-School Day 3: 69 Vintage $50 Gift Certificate Give Away

One of the biggest strategies to gearing up for back-to-school is finding that perfect mix of eclectic and cool, fit-inable and different. Remember high school when you wanted to blend in with everyone else but not tremendously so. You also wanted to have those “OMG where did you buy that?” pieces. It took me a while to warm up to vintage clothing, I know, ridiculous. Growing up I used to call them “dead people’s clothes.” Which may or may not be accurate. When I started buying my own wardrobe, I realized that vintage was an excellent combo of easy on the wallet plus had the only I will have this cache.

At 69 Vintage you are guaranteed to find something. Kealan Sullivan owner of 3 outposts has made it her job to find the coolest things, and the coolest things in a bulk way. So to set you up nicely for back-to-school Sullivan is offering $50 Gift Certificate to one Textstyles reader to use towards a fall wardrobe. (Excluding leather goods and outerwear.)

69 Vintage
1100 Queen West
416 516 0669
everyday 12pm- 7pm

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