Photo: Metric

Emily Haines has a long history of collaborations; she’s performed with indie super-group Broken Social Scene, played a secretary in a music video for the band The Stills, and even lent her vocals to a track by mega-DJ Tiesto. But her projects take on a different bend when it comes time to hit the road with Metric, the band she co-founded in 1999. “I like to collaborate with individuals to create my stage wardrobe for each tour,” explains the singer and multi-instrumentalist. With a head of golden blonde hair and a propensity for sequins, it’s little surprise that she’s found willing co-conspirators. For a recent string of festival dates in support of the band’s fifth album, Synthetica (out this month), Haines mixed designer pieces with thrifted finds for a look all her own. She shared the details—including which piece always makes her feel like a rock star and why she hates thigh-high boots—with ELLE.com.

Outfit breakdown: Raquel Allegra shirt, Zadig & Voltaire shorts, Chloe shoes, vintage sunglasses, and jewelry from Kakia as well as vintage pieces from Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

I brought this outfit on tour because: we were shooting the video for the first single from our new record, “Youth Without Youth,” and this was one of the looks I liked best, but it didn’t make the cut. We left on tour right after the shoot, so I just kept it for stage.

My personal style: [evokes] the golden age of rock without looking too tough or over-styled.

If this outfit were one of my songs, it would be: “Artificial Nocturne” from our new album Synthetica. It’s about owning your flaws and accepting that in some ways you will always be an outsider who lives their life at night.

On tour: I have a wardrobe case the size of a fridge that travels on the truck along with all the instruments, stage gear, and lighting equipment. I keep a backup of about 10 options in there!

I always pack: everything from hand sanitizer to fresh ginger root. In terms of clothing, my LnA leather jacket comes with me everywhere.

You’d never catch me onstage wearing: thigh-high boots. Can’t work with that look.

My pre-tour shopping spot is: RAC Boutique in Toronto or Resurrection and Opening Ceremony in New York City.

The best on-the-road purchase I ever made was: my houndstooth poncho.

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