asteroid  Backstage Pass: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Photo: Mette Lindberg

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s frontwoman Mette Lindberg is anything but ordinary—but then, did you expect someone in a prim twinset singing along to the band’s raucous acid jazz-meets-indie pop songs?

Instead, the Copenhagen-based musician prefers glitter, sequins, and anything else that can compete with her astonishing voice. And if circumstance forces her to perform in just a tube top and track pants—as was the case when her luggage got lost on a flight from Thailand to Amsterdam in January—the peroxide-blonde just takes it all in stride. “I felt very uncomfortable—in a good way!” she explains.

Midway through a tour of the US in support of the band’s sophomore album, Out of Frequency, and Lindberg hasn’t had any wardrobe disasters yet. Here, she walks through her favorite onstage ensemble.

Outfit breakdown: Glitter jacket from H&M, gold sequin pants I bought in New York at some small street store some years ago—when I tried them on they were so tight at the ends that I had to cut them to get my foot through, and they haven’t been fixed—Adidas sneakers, vintage belt, and jewelry from Bangkok’s Chinatown.

I brought this outfit on tour because: I think the glitter and gold is so good in the light when you perform—you can really see it in the audience.

My personal style is: Colorful, and also street, feminine and rock at the same time—it combines all that. Sometimes you think you could never fit these things together, but I like to play around with tone and ton and tone in an outfit. I like it when there’s madness.

I always pack: That sequined jacket. I just like it, it’s my favorite. I have a lot of rings made from pearls that I got from my boyfriend, and that’s something I always wear.

I usually bring: Just five [outfits]. I do three head-to-toe outfits, and then I take things that I can wear with different tops, different belts, different colored stockings. When you go you’re like, “What’s going to happen?”

You’d never catch me onstage wearing: Anything that made me feel uncomfortable. You need to feel good, so if it’s annoying to wear a top that keeps falling down, [don’t].

Shopping for onstage outfits is: Something I like doing while I’m on tour. When we were in L.A., we went to vintage stores and everything’s there—it’s genius! Instead of chasing it around Copenhagen, where it’s very expensive, I find it [on the road].

The best on-the-road purchase I ever made were: These red boots the last time we were in Portland. They’re red leather with a big heel and a little square in the front with a gold thing crossing it like an old-fashioned ‘70s shoe…a buckle, maybe? They’re like a David Bowie boot.

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