Pedro + Melissa Online1 Bringing Brazilians Together: Melissa+Pedro Lourenço

Photo: Melissa

Brazilian shoe brand Melissa has collaborated with a diverse group of designers, from Jason Wu and Vivienne Westwood to Jean Paul Gaultier and Gareth Pugh. The latest creative mind in the hot seat? One of its country’s own: Up-and-coming Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço.

“Melissa invited me to design a shoe with total freedom… I was immediately excited with all the possibilities plastic has to offer,” says Lourenço. “I always loved the idea of creating a product that can be produced and ready to use straight from a machine—the complete opposite of what I do. Plastic gave me the possibility to create shapes and three-dimensional effect without seams or apparent fusion.”

The collaboration produced two shoes: the Melissa Number N° 1 + Pedro Lourenço ankle strap heel ($175), which hits stores in November, and the Melissa Divine + Pedro Lourenço ballet flats ($90), which debut in July at the new Melissa Galeria in New York (102 Greene Street); both come in a number of colors, including pink, black, blue, and yellow.

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