what a pane gucci 02 237x300 More Tips on How to Wear Fall Mens Designer SuitsMens designer suits for the fall are trending in a few ways we’d like to discuss. Last week we talked about the double breasted blazer. This week let’s start off the cuff.

Mens fashion suits are made with heavier materials today, in slimmer cuts. One of the best ways to aggrandize this look is by adding a cuff. It  shows attention to detail in any luxury suit, it accentuates your socks, and the way your shoes relate to the pants.

Speaking of shoes, the ones that are in this season are heavy-duty wingtips. Thick-soled, slim-profiled, chocolate, gray or black classic wingtips. And since most are made with waterproof materials on the bottom, wear them throughout the winter. If you can afford them, monkstrap shoes are also hot. Because they’re still so new on the runways they won’t be affordable for most until next year, but they’re definitely a very classic British shoe worth knowing about.

Brown fine mens suits are especially nice to match with your new wingtips. Buy them in warm tones that work with your skin color. And if you can’t find one that works for you, choose windowpane mens fashion suits in gray. It’s a good look.


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