145704694 Charlize Theron Shaved Her Head

Photo: Getty Images

A number of leading actresses have been rocking a crop for a while now—Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin—and recently, there’s been a couple more new converts.

In April, Anne Hathaway debuted her close crop, chopped for her role in the upcoming musical film Les Miserables. And now, Charlize Theron, too, has much less hair—she shaved her head last week for her role in the upcoming movie Mad Max: Fury Road, which begins shooting next month.

Theron is not the first actress to shave her head for a role, however: Demi Moore did it in 1997 for GI Jane, Cate Blanchett did it for 2000′s Heaven, and Natalie Portman did it in 2005 for V for Vendetta.

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