Christine Taylor Sized Christine Taylor’s New Gig Beats Being in a Swimsuit

Photo: Getty Images

There was a moment when actress Christine Taylor worried that becoming the brand ambassador of new organic beauty brand Nourish would be like the time she had a guest role on Friends. “I was offered to do a few episodes of Friends and I was like, ‘I’m doing it!’ And then I read the script and I had to be bald and in a bathing suit! And I wondered, is this going to be like that—the greatest thing, but it’s not the greatest thing?” Her fears were proven unfounded as soon as she got her hands on products from the six-piece body care line.

From the body lotion to the deodorant, all are made with 100-percent USDA certified organic essentials oils and extracts, and come in four scents you’d actually find in nature (think Almond Vanilla and Lavender Mint). “Fresh Fig is my favorite scent,” notes Taylor, adding, “My body just takes them in—I have the driest skin in the world.” She pauses to point towards the body butter—a thick, moisturizing salve—and says, “This is a great balm, it’s so nice and smooth. I just love it. It looks pretty on my vanity and it works. Even the deodorant is good. Is it taboo to talk about that?”

Although the results have impressed Taylor, that’s not the only reason she’s happy to be the face of Nourish—she also likes the collection’s affordable price point. Having endured probing glares from her husband, Ben Stiller, every time she’d come home with a bag of beauty products, Taylor admits that finding Nourish has, in its own way, helped her marriage: “My husband is so happy there’s a line [with items] under $10!” Look for Nourish in Whole Foods, the brand’s exclusive retailer until June.

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