gia  Closet Obsessions of the Rich & Famous

Gia Coppola in the front row at Proenza Schouler. Photo: Getty Images

Just because Fashion Week attendees are making mental lists of which pieces to buy come fall doesn’t mean that it’s out with the old and in with the new; for every must-have jacket, dress, or shoe, there’s a beloved item that they have no plans to part with. From the front row at Herve Leger to the presentation floor at Alice + Olivia, here are the pieces that you will never, ever find on the racks at Goodwill.

Nikki Reed: “All of my big, baggy, chunky sweaters that are good for cuddling with your pillow in bed. I have my mother’s [old sweaters]!”

Kelly Rutherford: “When I was doing Melrose Place I bought my first Hermes bag. It was pre-Sex and the City, pre-everything, and it was just a little box leather, black 28 Kelly bag. Back then they would take it out of the shelf and put gloves on to show you the bag, and it was a whole thing, a very special thing. Now it’s a different thing, but it was the first thing I bought for myself. This was 20-something years ago! That’s one piece I would cherish for that reason.”

Gia Coppola: “I have this old Fiorucci pink and black stripped top that I’ve had since I was 13—I love Fiorucci.”

Coco Rocha: “A jacket I have from the 1800s…and I just got an Elizabeth Taylor outfit—one that I’ll be wearing to the Met.”

The Ting Tings’ Katie White: “A T-shirt I bought in a vintage store in Japan that’s got two fried eggs on the boobs. I just love it. I wear it constantly—everyone’s like, ‘You should change outfits!’ And I’m like, ‘No! Egg boobs!’”

Natalia Kills: “I want to say it’s these Simone Rocha shoes [points to the shoes she’s wearing]. My lover bought them for me in Paris—he just came home after work, which was actually two in the afternoon because you don’t work much in France—and he was like, ‘Oh, I bought these for you on my lunch break.’ I think I’ll be wearing them for a very long time.”

Nicky Hilton: “I’m a leather fanatic, so my leather Alice + Olivia leggings—I’ve had them for years. I actually just got a new pair.”

Olivia Palermo: “I have these amazing black fringe Bakers boots that I bought three or four years ago. Out of all the shoes they’re the ones that are still standing and are the most comfortable, so I love them!”

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