Blacklace never ceases to amaze me with their sexy and highly detailed lingerie. I anxiously await every new release wondering what they are gonna come up with next in naughtiness. This week though, I was pleasantly surprised to see their newest release was a beautifully done mesh evening gown complete with sequin embellishment. This dress called the Diane gown is available in 9 jeweled tones and comes with….bonus lingerie in black and white for when you want to slip out of your dress into something a little more revealing. I loved how this dress wraps my curves and you will too so be sure to head over and pick this gorgeous gown up.

GardenofDarkness Dark Dreams

Now focus your attention to my soft lips. If you like the color, you need to hurry over and pick up this fatpack of lipsticks called the Kismet Lips pack. *Giggles* I don’t know if she named them for me but hey a girl can dream, can’t she? This pack comes with three different mini packs, pastels, darks, and brights, making for 42 complete colors. I’m showing off a pastel pinkish tone with a gloss overlay but there are many other colors to choose from that you’ll have such a hard time. If you’re a lover of makeup layers, be sure to snap these up while you’re there picking up a gown.

Mystery Dark Dreams

Blacklace+Beauty+Kismet+Lips+ +Fatpack Dark Dreams

Style Card

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks) Diana in Caramel
Skin: Izzie’s (Izzie Button) Delusional in Sunkissed
Eyes: **pc (Lano Ling) Clear Pond Eyes in Medium Medium (Free!)
Lipstick: Blacklace Beauty (Gemini Galatea) Kismet Lips in Pastel Blush (New!)
Gown: Blacklace (Mariska Simons) Diane in Black Satin & Sequins (New!)
Poses: KaTink (AnneMarit Jarvinen) Runway Model Pack 71-80

Location: Empyreal Dreams

P.S. I found that location on the SL Destination Guide and it’s awesome. If you’re into literature, be sure to check it out. Muahz!

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