deeer dana cindy  Deer Dana’s Supermodel Tees

Photo: Opening Ceremony

Justin Bieber might be the most famous face to wear one of Dana Veraldi’s t-shirts, but it’d be hard to choose the most famous face that’s graced the front of the white cotton tees.  She’s sketched everyone from Olivier Theyskens to Lil’ Wayne under her label, Deer Dana, and adds a dozen new names to her portfolio with the launch of an exclusive run for Opening Ceremony today.

You’ll find Veraldi’s signature portraiture amongst the bunch in the form of Dolly Parton, Rick Ross and Kobe Bryant.  Nicki Minaj and Prince Harry are colored in and of the three supermodel tributes available, only Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista are drawn straight on.  Cindy Crawford’s illustrated in the abstract, and wins the award for our  favorite.

They’re all on sale for $60 at OC starting today.

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