trump wedge Derek Lam Calls Out Ivanka Trump

Trump's Cadie Wedge, Bloomingdale's

It’s not often that an heiress is accused of creating knockoffs—as in the case of Derek Lam v. Ivanka Trump.  Lam’s alleged that Trump’s Cadie wedge is an almost exact replica of his Ayami sandal, which retails for almost $600 more than the heel-in-question.

WWD’s reported that Lam sent Trump a cease-and-desist letter yesterday afternoon, giving her just seven days to pull the shoe from store shelves.   “It’s such an investment to make a shoe…we had to protest this,” Lam’s ceo, Jan-Hendrik Schlottmann, told the trade paper—explaining that the company became aware of Trump’s wedge after an employee spotted it on Bloomingdale’s site.  Though she added,  “I’m sure Ms. Trump doesn’t know her wedge is copy because it’s through a license.”  Regardless, her name is still on the sandal’s label, placing the ultimate responsibility on Trump’s shoulders—what’s a girl to do?

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