Me and my besties are always in each other’s box asking if we saw so and so released this or that. So when me and my wifey, Dina, both saw these softly textured, off the shoulder sweaters from Erratic for Fameshed, we knew we were both getting one. Then, I said co blog so we got ourselves all casual cutesy and posed it up at Vespertine for you all to see.

DinaDockside Dockside with Dina

After we were done smiling pretty for the camera, Dina got a little case of wanderlust and when I looked up from editing in GIMP, I had noticed she had ditched me! What can I say? She’s easily distracted! Since I had been left all alone, I decided to find a new partner to pose with. As you can see, he’s so much cuter. Wouldn’t you agree? *Giggles*

Deery Dockside with Dina

Style Card

Hair: Burley (Bella Earst) Sirah in Brown 01 (New!)
Skin: :F: (Alexandra Barcelos) Alecia in Ivory 08
Top: Erratic (Erratic Rain) Cory Sweater in Plain Black (Fameshed)
Bottoms: [trs] (Manda Schmooz) Skinnies in Dark Wash Worn
Flats: (Darling Monday) Basic Flats in Black
Necklace: MG (Maxi Gossamer) Peace Rocker Cord (Limited Bazaar)
Ring: {me.} (Siane Kanya) Dita Ring in Silver
Glasses: .{Psychobyts}. (psikotik Gothly) Freak Glasses
Pose: aDORKable (Adorkable Peapod) Sweet Thang Poses

Location: Vespertine

To see what the wife is wearing, go here!

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