140004409 Dolce & Gabbana Want To Be Like Chanel

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce with Monica Bellucci at their show in Milan yesterday. Photo: Wireimage

Dolce & Gabbana have, as Domenico Dolce tells the Financial Times, “a lot of plans.” They hope to open 30 stores in China over the next two years, as well as others in São Paulo and New York.

The ultimate dream, Stefano Gabbana says, is to be a “maison, like Chanel.” But, he adds: “Maybe we need to die first.” Dolce pipes up: “And then Karl [Lagerfeld] could come in and do the collections!”

The two designers have been together professionally for 30 years and were a couple for 23 of those years, until 2005. “The worst time for us was when we broke up but kept working together,” explains Gabbana. “We thought about splitting up, but no. And the truth is, everything is exactly the same. But no sex!” He continues: “I can’t work without [Dolce]. Maybe one day there will be a Dolce collection and a Gabbana collection …”

Dolce interrupts: “No. Never. This is my destiny.” Gabbana’s response? “Never say never.”

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