tomford mens  Everyone’s Getting Naked in the Name of Fashion Today

Photo: Tom Ford

Blame it on spring, but fashion folk are feeling quite frisky today!

First, Terry Richardson (who, fine, is always feeling frisky) posted a video of Kate Upton doing the “Cat Daddy.”  A play, we’re sure, on the famous video of the 19-year-old model doing the Dougie in the stands of a Clippers’ game.  But this time Upton wears a bikini—the same teeny tiny bikini she wears on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue—and a pair of heels in a dance that, depending on where you work, you probably don’t want to watch until you get home.  The Daily News writes, “What Upton’s 10-second Cat Daddy lacks in rhythm it more than makes up for in jiggly bits.”

Meanwhile, Tom Ford’s released the spring lookbook for his men’s collection.  Naturally, being Ford, there aren’t really a lot of clothes on display.  If you look closely though, you can spot a suit or tie among the bare skin.

Can’t wait to see what the Internet finds when it’s 80 degrees on Friday!

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