SYarhi bw photo developping 6486 Favourite: In the Darkroom

Favourite: In the Darkroom

Well, I did it. My New Year’s resolution is now officially crossed off the list. I learned how to develop my own film! What an amazing process. I had the wonderful fortune of being referred to Photofusion while I’m in London. It was one direct tube ride to Brixton Station, then turn left onto Electric Avenue and then a right onto Electric Lane et voilĂ , b&w one-to-one darkroom lessons.

SYarhi bw photo developping 6488 Favourite: In the Darkroom

I met Paul last week and he toured me around the facility. I was so excited to begin. So I ran out and got my negatives developed to bring to my first class. I screwed up and ended up using colour prints that I’d taken this summer while at my brother’s girlfriend’s family’s cottage (what a mouthful).

Despite the primary cock-up, Paul took me through step-by-step each component and stage. From tests to dodging, fixatifs to water baths, negatives to enlarged prints. I’m in love.

Having taught myself to shoot digitally, I always felt like I had to prove myself technically amongst other photographers. There was always that sheepish side that felt like I had to apologize for not being a trained photographer. And furthermore, for not knowing film. So last year, I gave myself the goal to begin learning how to shoot film and get myself into a darkroom. After one two hour class I’m already mentally calculating how to turn my apartment into a darkroom and listing all the equipment I’m going to need. But from here till then I thought I’d show you a snapshot of what I’d learnt.

Anyone else out there in love with film prints? If you’re in London I highly highly suggest checking out Photofusion the facility is great and the people are truly wonderful.

Photos taken with my Praktica TL3 and for some light reading Susan Sontag On Photography which I also highly recommend.

SYarhi bw photo developping 6482 Favourite: In the Darkroom

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