S.Yarhi Street Style pony hair vintage Favourite Shoes— Vintage Benetton

Favourite Shoes— Vintage Benetton

You know that feeling when you look down and see something that just makes your heart sing? Like, the most fortuitous vintage find, shoes.

They’re perfect, it’s your size, and they’ve never been worn! As a rule, I can’t do vintage shoes, the dried and caked foot sweat of years gone by makes my stomach flip (even typing the image has me gagging). Yet, there are those special times, when you do see a pair that’s never been worn, in mint condition. You must buy them. Don’t think. Just do.

Walk out of the store with them on. It’s a classic move.

Which brings me to my favourite, best ever, vintage shoe find. United Colors of Benetton zebra print pony hair oxfords. Fashion is about the newest new thing, right? Each season there, in all the glossies, we see the covetable collectable cult pieces that everyone just has to have. That’s all well and good—it greases the commercial wheels and moves this industry along. But, huge but, it can’t just be about new, or what you’re supposed to have. Lest we forget the knee jerk reactions, that gut instinct that makes you whip out your credit/debit/cash throwing it at some poor salesclerk to make sure that those shoes, the ones your heart beats for, make it home with you.

p.s. RIP Apt 909 from whence came these treasures.

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