Francesco Vezzoli has teamed up with in support of the areas of Northern Italy ravaged by earthquakes earlier this year. The three-time Venice Biennale delegate, video artist, maker of doilies, and supermodel admirer has made his first foray into serially produced work with Con Amore, a signed, numbered (limited to 399), and framed self-portrait marked with black tears, a trademark.

“I don’t believe in elitism in my life or in my work,” he said. “I imagined a work with a large production run and an old-fashioned, commonplace object like an embroidered postcard.”

£399 exclusively at Yoox. All proceeds will go to the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI) to help restore the Palazzo Comunale of Finale Emilia, where the first quake had its epicenter, and where Yoox is based.

c5169ca3aa8211fef718e0791bb6494c Francesco Vezzoli Is Still Tearing Up Over the Earthquakes in Italy

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