S.Yarhi— AzariI and III Fritz Helder From the Vault: Fritz Helder

From the Vault: Fritz Helder

While reorganizing a hard drive, because of a major meltdown, one stumbles upon some forgotten moments. Straight from the new terabyte* vault a shot from a Perfecto Mag editorial shoot.

Fritz Helder from AZARI & III. Wearing his own hat, coveralls, platforms and bucket bag. Shooting Fritz requires actually zero direction, but you have to be fast. Once the outfit is on, makeup is done and it’s go-time Fritz turns on and doesn’t stop. The light is ignited. Let the energy run around you, through you all up and down you. Just keep your finger on the button, ready to capture an iota.

So to start off your week, put on your favourite track, and dance around with your arms over your head. Because, it’s just the best.


*p.s. full disclosure: I went to write terabyte as tetra-byte. Go ahead and judge. (I’m looking at you Broadview Station.)

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