erin dan  Get Your Profile Pic Snapped By A Fashion Photog

Photo: Dan Martensen

It used to be that only actors needed head shots at the ready, but now everyone needs a go-to picture of their face. Something professional for Linked-in, something fun for Facebook, goofy for Twitter, flirty for insert-online-dating-site-here. Instead of mastering each angle with an iPhone in the mirror shot, how about letting a fashion photographer do it for you?

From March 22nd through 24th, four big name photogs—Kenneth Cappello, Dan Martensen, Brooke Nipar and Danielle Levitt—will set up a sort of pop up studio at 74 Mercer Street for what they’re calling “the biggest-ever public photoshoot-athon.” They’re aiming to take 1000 portraits over the three days in honor of the Stateside launch of, “a social network site for meeting new people.” Twenty-four of the photographs will be selected for advertising billboards across the city next month.

Click here to register (which is mandatory if you want to attend) and through to see the photogs prepare. We can’t promise you’ll walk away looking like Erin Wasson at left, but we guarantee that whatever you leave with will be better than anything in your iPhoto library.

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