Yay! It’s my fave SL holiday, Halloween! As you can see by previous posts of mine, I love dressing up and wearing costumes. I’ve been about 20 different things in the previous few weeks but I believe I’ve saved the best for last. Presenting to you, my top pick for a Halloween costume this season ….

happyhalloween Happy Halloween

Ok, now let’s talk about it. When I saw this costume from Blacklace, I couldn’t pass it up. The attention to detail is beautifully done and realistic. I love how the crinolines add just the right out of flounce and how this costume is sexy in a subtle way. I’m also in love with all the little accessories this baby came with like this fun Halloween pumpkin filled with candy and cutesy jewelry. Combine that with how nicely it fitted me out of the box and I was one happy camper. Now I tried on various costumes this holiday but every time I did, I came back to this one so I’m showing it off as my last Halloween post. If you still haven’t found a sexy costume to wear to all those parties tomorrow night, be sure to pick this one up. Just don’t wear it to the Date My Avi Halloween Party because I’ll be wearing it there. *Giggles* Well this blogger is off to trick or treat. Don’t worry, I share my treats unless they are Reese’s. Muahz!

Style Card

Costume: ~Blacklace~ (Mariska Simons) Treat (includes all accessories)
Poses: Magnifique Poses (Scarlet Chandrayaan) French Maid (TOSL)

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