hyden Hyden Yoo Comes to Life

An intellectual scene at Hyden Woo.

The best thing about a presentation—instead of a fashion show—is that it’s easy to get an intimate look at the clothes. Instead of watching luxurious fabrics sweep down a runway, they’re standing still right in front of you. But nobody gets quite as close as Bil Thompson, ELLE’s go to director and the man behind the video showcasing Hyden Yoo’s fall collection, after the jump. Thompson, who met Woo through his model girlfriend, Tsubasa, captures the models flipping through books, playing chess, and holding hands while wearing ladylike dresses and layered cardigans. “The idea behind the presentation was ‘the unattainable woman and the intellectual man who pines for her,’ so I went into the shoot with this in mind,” Thompson says. If that sounds a bit like Gossip Girl, well, our first though post-viewing was, “We’d totally watch this show.” (We’d buy the clothes, too!) Click through to see what we mean.

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