jumpsuits  Jumpsuits Get (Super) Casual

From left to right, Michael Kors, Philosophy, McQ. Photos: Net-a-porter

Trend reports talk about jumpsuits every season, and always with the same reaction, “Really! They’re so in!”  But on the runways they come in slinky black jersey, crisp cotton or decorated silk, meant to be a quirkier take on an evening gown or the playful alternative to a cocktail dress.  This season, however, we’re noticing an uptick in the casual jumpsuit.  They’re basically onesies with labels that say McQueen or Michael Kors instead of Osh Kosh B’Gosh.  About ten just hit net-a-porter (in one day!) so we finally have to ask, are you wearing these?  If so, where?  When?

Michael Kors’ jersey number, at far left, looks ridiculously comfortable—and ridiculously inappropriate for anyplace other than one’s couch.  The Philosophy version in the middle is begging for a part in South Pacific and the quilted denim look by McQ, at right, looks kind of uncomfortable.  To be sure, we just asked a co-worker what he’d do if we popped into the office wearing the monogrammed onesie we got for Christmas.  His answer?  He walked away.

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