139251959 JW Anderson To Debut Topshop Range

Alexa Chung in JW Anderson. Photo: Getty Images

Burgeoning British designer JW Anderson at 27 has already developed a cult following, and he’s about to gain even more fans, as now, he’s collaborating with Topshop. “I am very excited,” Anderson says of the news. “It gives me the opportunity to reach a much wider audience with my designs. It has always been very important to me that my collections are made accessible to anyone interested in fashion and design.”

The collection, which launches at all Topshop locations in September, will encompass everything from denim and Anderson’s coveted knitwear to jersey and outerwear pieces. According to Topshop creative director Kate Phelan, the capsule “is a best of all his design ideas to date, a sort of must-have wardrobe of covetable pieces by this unique designer.” There will also be “cool collectible items” like pencils, memory sticks, Rubik’s cubes, vintage magazines, and photography books “which JW Anderson has picked himself,” she adds.

A second collection is set to launch in early 2013.

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