143057768 Keeping Up with the Eastwoods

Morgan, Francesca, and Dina Eastwood. Photo: Getty Images

The women in Clint Eastwood‘s life—wife Dina and daughters Francesca and Morgan—are the latest members of Hollywood to hit the reality TV landscape. Their show, Mrs. Eastwood & Company, premiered last night on E!—following the Kardashians’ time slot and borrowing from the first family of reality TV’s format. But will the series catapult the Eastwood women to Kardashian-size paydays or Clint-like success? And do they even want that?

“It’s weird to me that this could all change overnight. But little things have been changing that make me realize, okay, there’s a bit more of an awareness of who I am,” said 18-year-old Francesca (Franny to family and friends), who’s a newly-minted student at University of Southern California. She continued: “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting a little nervous… The first episode is pretty tame, [but] I’m worried about when the fourth, fifth, and sixth episodes air. Those episodes are more exposing.”

In exchange for their privacy, what does the already famous family stand to gain? For one, the launch of Mrs. Eastwood’s musical obsession, Overtone, into the American public eye. “My stepmom’s been managing this boy band from South Africa for a couple years now,” Francesca explained, adding: “They have been successful, but they want a mainstream type of success. They want to be the next Justin Timberlake. So, Dina’s last push was this reality show… but I’ve never thought they could achieve that kind of success, and I’ve been very up-front about that from day one.”

Even if Overtone isn’t bound for mass success, candor like Francesca’s—both in interviews and on the show—proves that the Eastwood girls aren’t Stepford children—and should make for good reality TV. There’s even a little dose of self-deprecation to enhance their appeal. In the first episode, the model-actress tells her uncle: “Someone told me I look like Stewie [from Family Guy].” There’s a dramatic pause. Then Eastwood continues, “How good is that?”

Though sparse, the Oscar-winning director himself does make a few appearances, giving a glimpse of what it’s like to have a famous father. “You can’t walk into a grocery store with Clint Eastwood without every single person turning around,” Francesca said. “At dinner with my family in Los Angeles, a waitress once literally fell over—like pretended to faint or fainted or something. [Sometimes my dad] has to tell restaurants to stop waiting on him, because there’s a waiter coming over every two seconds busing the table.”

On the verge of their own reality fame, Dina, Francesca, and Morgan may soon experience the royal Eastwood treatment—even without their Hollywood patriarch.

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