Today I'm going to take the time to do one of Berry's memes from almost two weeks ago where I get to blog about one of my closest SL friends. I know I'm super late with this meme but my one of my closest friends on SL lives in Australia so due to time zone issues and me always crashing, it's very hard to get him to pose pretty for me. Lucky for me, I had off today so I got to hang out with him for a longer period of time than usual so without futher ado, let me introduce my boy bestie, Xplozive.

I met Xplozive a year or so ago at an exhibitionism and voyeur sim. (Yes, Kissy was up to no good!) I noticed him instantly because his pixels looked good compared to most men that visit those types of sims but he looked to be in conversation with this fish face chick with the IPR going down so I left him be. Obviously, I caught his eye too because it wasn't very long before he ditched the other chick and IM'd me. We instantly clicked over a mutual love of trolling and fashion and spent the next two hours just talking about random stuff.

Lean+on+Me Lean On Me

As our friendship progressed, I found that he's one of the few men on SL that actually seem to care about what I have to say without trying to get into my pixel panties. He's also always been honest with me and sweet to me. Combine that with the ability to make me laugh and the fact that he always is up for trouble, and we quickly became close friends. I can honestly say that besides Kimbra, he is the person I talk to the most on SL and hands down, one of my favorite people online. It's funny how SL can allow you to build friendships from all over the world. If it weren't for SL, I'd have never met this amazing man so I'm grateful we crossed paths in this virtual world. He's someone I've leaned on greatly these past few months and I'm very lucky to have met him that night. Thanks for being a wonderful friend Xp!

P.S. He's SL single ladies so IM me for the details. icon biggrin Lean On Me

To see what I'm wearing, keep reading!


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