leighton Leighton Meester Will Spend Valentine’s Day Working

Photo: Getty Images

While at Vera Wang a security team had to clear out the photographers that surrounded Viola Davis (could she be Oscar shopping?) and Renee Zellweger needed a crew to make her way through the crowd, but Leighton Meester just sat quietly in the front row, taking in the scene. As the face of Wang’s new fragrance, Lovestruck, the Gossip Girl star was happy to just be supporting a friend. “Today is a special day—it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s Vera’s show, and it’s really special for me,” she said. While she admitted that her aesthetic preferences fluctuate regularly—as she put it, “It really just depends on the day and the mood”—she was quite happy with the flirty dress she picked for the day. Smiling, Meester said, “I feel good in green!” With all the love she was feeling, did she have any plans for Valentine’s Day? “No, not really,” she said with a shrug, adding, “I have to work tonight, so that’s it!”

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