I+Need+Redemption Lily Gives Me Redemption

The other day while goofing off on Plurk someone threw up links to a Flickr page featuring a newly built sim. Curiosity got the best of me and after drooling over the pics, I had to go visit this darkly beautiful place. It’s called Redemption Hill and I think the talented creator of this sim is still working on it but it was open to the public and I got to check it out. I love the attention to detail that has been put into this sim so much that I’m sure I’ll be back to take many more pics. Since I wanted to blog this artistically detailed tattoo by Rezipsa Loc that she has out for Culture Shock, I figured this was the perfect place to take pics. I think that the intricate rosary design and wings go well with the desolate and lonely feel of this place.

Redeemed Lily Gives Me Redemption

Also, lately the feeds have been abuzz with a new skin brand to me. It’s called Hush so I had to check them out and I instantly fell in love with mostly everything they had to offer. Their honey tone just screamed to me. Luckily, I got my hands on one of their newer releases called Lily. Lily comes with 5 makeups and in 6 skin tones with cleavage and no cleavage options as well as 3 brown shades. I love the dramatic liner of this skin combined with the glossy pouty lips and light freckles across the nose. These skins come with their own shape not shown in the pictures as well as bonus lashes so if you haven’t checked out Hush yet, head on over and pick up Lily or one of their many other beautifully done skinnies. I’m guaranteeing that you’ll be addicted.
hush Lily Gives Me Redemption
Style Card
Skin: [Hush] (Hush Darkrose) Lily in Honey (New!)
Hair: Magari (Mandi Hotaling) Alyssa 2 in Caramel
Top: Khush (Liess Paine) Frisss in Black (Store Closed)
Bottoms: Hot Stuff (banking Aldrin) Alexis Jeans in Grey (New!)
Tattoo: Rezipsa Loc (Rezipsa Luckstone) Sacred Heart Tattoo (New @ Culture Shock!)
Belt: ~Pepper~ (Danni Pfeffer) Loose Belt in Black
Rings: :Z:S: (Isis Zamin) Ring Collection V.1 (Newish!)
Lashes in Redemption Pics Only: Blacklace Beauty (Gemini Galatea) Lashes 3
Poses: Glitterati (Katey Coppola) Long Hair Pack 2
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