128 Magda Berliner Launches Lace Collection with Shopbop

Photo: Shopbop

Magda Berliner’s dresses and skirts made from collages of vintage white lace have earned her a cult following, but the one-of-a-kind pieces can be hard to find. “A kind of indie fan club developed after Ashley Olsen wore one of my lace dresses six years ago,” Berliner told the Los Angeles Times. “I was getting emails from young girls who wanted the same dress, but I had to explain that each dress was one-of-a-kind and had to be custom made.”

Shopbop is making the process a little easier: the online retailer has collaborated with Berliner on a three-piece capsule—two dresses and a skirt. Although the silhouettes have been standardized, they’re still hand-assembled, and the vintage lace still varies from piece to piece. “I have dresses made from the edges of tablecloths, runners, tea towels and pillow cases,” Berliner noted. “Some of the lace pieces have been handed down, so you will see initials or letters of the alphabet or animal themes if they were made for children.”

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