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I haven’t taken the Ember skin from Pink Fuel off since blogging it yesterday. I love how an old skin can be transformed into something “new” just by adding some extra blush and new lipstick tattoo (with teeth). I still can’t believe this skin has been marked down to $100L, it’s easily the nicest cheap skin on the grid.

6335906790 d5ac410ae3 z Malt @ Vintage Fair

Malt is releasing this sexy 60′s inspired Vintage Cotton Tunic at Vintage Fair. I love the girlish style, very short and wearable. Pearl jewelry is classic, so I added the Simple Pearl Necklace & Earrings set from Caroline’s to dress up the cleavage area.

I blogged about D!va hair a few months ago, and I think I forgot that the hairstyles there are ‘script mod only,’ which is totally frustrating. I have since deleted all those hairstyles but when I went back this morning, I picked up a cute new hairstyle and instantly remembered why I deleted those hairstyles in the first place! It was a challenge to get this hairstyle to fit me, cos some strands just went into my face/head and couldn’t be moved individually. The script mod is terrible, it didn’t even have ‘move’ feature included! It still doesn’t fit quite right in my picture, but oh well. The hair is cute enough, and pairs perfectly with the new Vintage Headband (in Silver) from LaGyo, also found at Vintage Fair.

Come check out Malt @ Vintage Fair you guyssssssss! Opens in less than 1 hour SLT.

What I’m Wearing:

D!va Hair – Yuri3 (Cat’s eye)
Malt - Vintage Cotton Tunic (White) Vintage Fair
G-Field – Flower Pumps (Eve) Silver
LaGyo – Vintage Headband (Silver) Vintage Fair
Caroline’s – Simple Pearl Necklace & Earrings W/S Vintage Fair

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