Let’s face it, there are some pretty compelling reasons why vintage gets a bad rap. But vintage isn’t all smelly nylon shirts with enormous collars and pit stains that only make themselves known upon purchase. Sometimes that sad shirt is a forgotten gem that just needs a little TLC and a good cleaning. That’s where Cotton Love comes in. Creative director Ruth Nixon says the London-based e-store’s particular brand of hand-picked vintage has “all the integrity and quality of craftsmanship vintage offers, but in keeping with contemporary tastes.” Secondhand never looked so new and relevant, especially when placed on an elegantly designed website with an abundance of white space and very affordable prices.

Showing the timelessness of the impeccably curated pieces, Cotton Love has also added several lesser-known jewelry labels of the witty variety. Think ANVE, Antiatoms, and Otaat, which is designed by Albert Chu, who has worked with Maison Martin Margiela in an architectural capacity. It’s all so po-mo it hurts.

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