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MuchMusic Video Awards Style Special

The vantage point from the receiving end of the lens. Something I’m familiar with but still squeamish about. I can’t give good face. I revert to my five-year-old self and want to make stupid funny faces and run away. So Fashion! I don’t get to do that anymore though. I have to appear composed and who likes seeing shit pictures of themselves?

Here we are filming for the MMVA Style Special. The trick is to get me to talk about something that I love and then my mind tricks me into being preoccupied. Too much thinking to ham it up (I hope, this is again my inner monologue which possibly leads me astray from time to time). Which made me think that in 4 years of shooting street style I’ve only been refused 6 times. As in, only 6 people have declined having their picture taken. Not bad odds. I’m pretty sure this says something about Facebook culture and the rampant narcissism of our age. Although, it does make my job way easier.

The thing about being filmed, having your picture taken, is knowing your angles. This may seem frivolous, but models understand every angle of their face, which makes getting a shot that much easier. So how do the regular folk do it? Everyone has that friend that’s so photogenic. Well, how did they get that way?

Oprah taught The Sigh, which Cindy Crawford invented in her Supermodel heyday. Essentially, the science of learning to exhale right before the shutter goes off, Crawford would breathe rhythmically to stay in tune with the photographer’s shooting, genius. This way, your face is at its most relaxed, no cheesy puckered lips or screw eyes, just you and your natural beauty.

Any best practices for having your picture taken? Any Crawfords out there?

Tune into MuchMusic, cause they are repeating this special episode and then there is the actual award show this Sunday.
Or watch online: MMVA Style Guide!

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