S.Yarhi— Mothers Day Georgina Yarhi My Fashion Mommy
S.Yarhi— Mothers Day Georgina Yarhi 2 My Fashion Mommy

My Fashion Mommy

My Fashion Mommy.
Georgina Yarhi

It’s no huge surprise that I ended up in fashion. My mom is a Costume Designer in film. My brother and I grew up on sets, on the wardrobe truck and in craft service. Way back then, the trucks were littered with polaroids, lined by racks of costumes and filled with fabulous people. My mom’s job was/is playing dress-up.

There were fashion magazines all over the house and FT was Saturday night’s antipasto.

My mom, made me dresses and hemmed all my pants and got me a beautiful lilac lamb skin coat when I was five.

So to the woman who made me who I am today. Who has more style than anyone I know. But, didn’t keep any of her clothes. I could have at least fit into your shoes!

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Photos:
-as a window/display dresser in the 70s for Simpsons
-vacay with her girls in the Bahamas (my mom’s on the right)

p.s. getting these photos was a stealth mission. success.

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