Do you need new furniture? Maybe you’re one of those peeps who likes to redecorate your house for every season. Well if so, I’ve got a looksie at a really cute set that’s just been released by Soho Corner. It’s called the Molly set and it features everything shown here. As you can see from the pics, practically everything in this adorable little living room set is texture changeable so you can customize to your heart’s content.

Soho Need New Furniture?

Since I’m in the midst of redoing my own sky platform for the season, I was so happy to get to show off the rich fall like colors of this set. Oh and if you’re a fan of lighter colors, there is also a pretty beige color. This partially mesh set features singles and couples animations in the sofa as well as several sits in the armchair and is only 81 prims total. All you need to do is rez a pretty picture behind the sofa and you’re ready to go so head on over to Soho Corner and check this set out!

Soho2 Need New Furniture?

Style Card

Furniture: ~SC~ (Lamia Datura) Molly Living Set includes all furniture & decor shown (New!)
House: -[Zacca]- (Cross Jupiter) Lodge in Small

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