New+Minerals+Mate New Minerals Mate mixing palette

DPlatinumINUSE New Minerals Mate mixing palette   Minerals Mate has come out with a new mixing palette. As you all know I love my original one, I use it everyday instead of mixing in the lid of the product. These were designed for mineral make up, but why couldn’t you use creams or even liquids.  The new one is a bit more sturdy than the old one and comes in colors Red shown above and Black to the left. and they now has lids!! So if you mix a shade of foundation that you need you can mix it in this and just cover it. Or if you are a Make up Artist, I think this should be a must have in your kit. If you are on a set and have to make sure you have the same color everyday and you mixed it up, put it in the New Minerals Mate pop a lid on and you are good to go. These are great for travel, instead of taking all those jars, put in what you need pop the lids on and pack them. How about make up artists that do Bridal and you mix a color for the bride at her trial, this way you will have the exact shade she loved.  I am impressed with this new one. Molly A. Badgett, the creator of this product did a great job on the new version. I think it is a must have for everyone, since I am always telling you to have fun with your make up and mix and match and make your own unique colors.  We will be getting the new ones in in a few weeks. I haven’t played around with the black one yet, but I think I do like the red better because of the white pots, I think the color would be more truer.  When we get them in we will have a sale on them as an intro price, these will cost more than the older version.

We did a video on it check it out. I do wing all my videos so enjoy!!

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