taylor News: Isabel Marant to LA & Gwyenth Takes on the Times

If only they'd made the monsters smaller and Taylor bigger…

Isabel Marant is opening a store in LA. {WWD}

This video, of Mitt Romney faux rapping “The Real Slim Shady,” may be the most brilliant thing the Internet’s ever produced. {NYMag}

Gwyneth Paltrow is currently engaged in a fight with the New York Times.  The newspaper included her book, My Father’s Daughter, in a story on cookbooks written with ghost writers, she says she wrote every word. {E!}

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz have a motorcycle parked inside their New York apartment.  It’s now for sale (the apartment, not the motorcycle). {NYP}

John Carter was a major disaster at the box office, so much so that it cost Disney $200 million.  Everyone must go see Taylor Kitsch’s new movie so that his career doesn’t flounder. {Deadline}

It looks like Katy Perry really is dating Baptiste Giabiconi.  We cannot wait for their duet. {Telegraph}

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