dinner  News:  Justin Timberlake’s Interiors & Topshop’s Kids

Greta Gerwig, Elizabeth Olsen & Coco Rocha. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Last night, 45 of the world’s best chefs cooked dinner for two hundred people, including the trio of extra pretty ones above, at New York City’s Gotham Hall.  {HuffPo}

Topshop’s kids collection is too cute. {Topshop}

It’s Victoria Beckham’s birthday!  Also, she’s launched an official Facebook page. {Facebook}

Two girls kiss in Urban Outfitter’s spring catalog and conservative moms are freaking out. {Fashionista}

Thing you definitely need: a white bag for spring. {NYM}

Justin Timberlake’s the latest celeb to score a BeachMint venture.  He and stylist Estee Stanely are launching HomeMint next month. {ELLEdecor}

Rihanna’s having a lot of fun on her Hawaiian vacation. {PopSugar}

Nicki Minaj has started working on her first fragrance. {TheCut}

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