lara  News: Lara As Dorothy, Olympia Le Tan Making Clothes?

Photo: Nowness

Nowness is premiering Mercedes-Benz’s first “fashion film.”  The car company’s no stranger to fashion, but this year they’ve recruited Lara Stone to drive their new Roadster in Alex Prager’s Wizard of Oz-inspired short. {Nowness}

Rooney Mara’s not the only stylish star who’s into cut-outs. {WhoWhatWear}

Here’s a look at Olympia Le-Tan’s Pitti presentation. Also, word that she might be doing a ready-to-wear collection! {SusieBubble}

There will be a mom-themed fashion show at New York Fashion Week.  {theCut}

The Artist won best picture at last night’s Critics Choice Awards. {Deadline}

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