pom pom News: Newsweek’s Just Fine Thank You

Burberry's pom pom hat. Photo: Net-a-porter

There will be a third Hangover film, but Todd Phillips swears it will be the last. {Deadline}

Newsweek took a moment to prove that no, they’re not actually dying.  {Fashionista}

David Beckham won’t say no to the possibility of designing his own collection. “Five years ago, if someone had asked me if I was going to have my own underwear collection I would have said, ‘Probably not. No.’” {People}

J Brand wants to open a store in New York next year. {WWD}

Mischa Barton’s launched a fashion website. {Mischa’sPlace}

If you’ve been dying for a striped raffia hat with a pom pom on top, here you go! {Net-a-porter}

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