bridesmaids  News: Where to Find Versace x H&M

Catch Kristen Wiig at MoMa tonight!

Kristen Wiig and Paul Feig will chat after tonight’s screening of Bridesmaids at MoMa. There are still tickets left! {MoMa}

The 5th avenue H&M still has some Versace stock left. {Racked}

Did you watch the AMA’s last night?  There was some very funky fashion involved. {Jezebel}

Here’s the first track off Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album. {Hairpin}

Johnny Weir keeps spare underwear in his Birkin.  Are you surprised? {TheCut}

Ivanka Trump is opening a flagship jewelry store in Soho. {WWD}

Kate Winslet really loves this Stella McCartney dress. {Telegraph}

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