144009761 Nina Dobrev Was Cut Out of Her Met Ball Dress

Photo: Getty Images

Carey Mulligan’s selling her Met Ball dress, Cameron Diaz’s weighed 22 pounds; Nina Dobrev, too, has a story about the dress she wore to the event. During her appearance on Conan last night, Dobrev told the host that her Donna Karan Atelier dress was made of “vintage gold metal.” Right before she left for the gala, she had to be sewn into it: “They had to literally sew me into it, so that everything fit perfectly. And it was great, it was beautiful, but…At a certain point, you gotta go. I tried to hold it in for so long.”

So what did she do about her dilemma? “I asked them, and they said when the time comes, call the designer,” she explained. “They have an emergency sewing kit, they cut you out of it, and then they’ll sew you back in. At some point, you write into your phone, ‘It’s go time. Now.’” She added that the same thing happened when she wore Donna Karan to the Emmys last year.

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