SYc jessicamaryclayton Portrait— Jessica Mary Clayton

Portrait— Jessica Mary Clayton

Today, I realized I’d never showed you this photo that I had taken from NOW Magazine during Toronto Fashion Week of designer Jessica Mary Clayton. One of my favourite Toronto designers. Who, if you aren’t already familiar with you should go get familiar with! She designed my princess 3rd Anniversary Party Dress—yes, she gets all caps for putting the capital “P” in my party.

She makes her own fabrics in her west end home and has an eye for romantic sartorial flair, but never falls into the froufrou girly girl shit. Clayton somehow makes you feel like a sweetie pie who wants to get into some serious trouble.

Here she is standing in front of her ink blot video screening for her s/s 2012 collection.

Obviously, as you can plainly see, she is a babe. Yup yup!

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