rachel zoe  Rachel Zoe Invests In Pose

Photo: Getty Images

If you’re having trouble wading through the dozens—hundreds?—of shopping apps available online, try Pose.

Rachel Zoe, who’s dipped a toe in just about everything other than the tech world, invested in the app earlier this week, which is enough to convince us that it’s the only one we need to download. “We’re hoping Pose is going to be the leader in fashion,” Zoe’s husband Rodger Berman told Mashable.  So what is it?  Essentially, the perfect way to shop with your friends when you’re completely alone.  You snap a picture of what you want to buy and upload it to the app, inviting comments and opinions from friends—both real and virtual—before making any actual purchasing decisions.

Since joining just a few months ago, Zoe’s acquired over 200,000 followers; digital stars like Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) and Coco Rocha are approaching that number, too, and as more and more Facebook users turn to timeline, Pose’s numbers are shooting up.  Given that it’s Zoe, we’re guessing it won’t be long before she launches her own app, too.

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